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2021-10-28 15:24
Department of Commerce

Bilingualize Your Shops Easily! Shop on Your Favorite Bilingual Stores for a Chance to Win Prize!

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You'll qualify for a lucky draw when you share videos made by YouTubers displayed on the "bilingual shops resource portal website".
The Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been a driving force behind a bilingualization project to make local shops in Taiwan English-friendly for the past three years. To date, over 200 food and beverage shops and retailers have participated and enjoyed great success when their salesclerk learned to communicate in English with foreign visitors. The Department of Commerce also assisted shops with bilingualizing their delivery menus to attract more English-speaking customers to adapt the pandemic-impacted economy.

The Department of Commerce has covered over 4500 merchandise and menu items translated in English, Japanese or Korean at http://bilingualshop.cdri.org.tw/. Business owners can select the bilingual translations of their merchandise or menu items, and access ten real-life English dialogue examples on the website. The ten scenarios include: coffeehouse, hotpot restaurant, dialogue with patrons by the dinner table, telecommunications services, cultural and creative merchandise, retail shop selling gifts, patisserie, bookstore, backpack store, and fashion and apparel boutique. Shop owners can find instruction videos on how to bilingualize their service information on Delivery platform and store information on Google Map to upgrade their business smoothly.

Furthermore, if you visit English-friendly shops in Danshui, New Taipei City; Dajia in Taichung; Taibao in Chiayi; and Tiehua in Taitung from October 25 to November 14 and leave a comment in Google Map, you will be qualified to enjoy discount promotions provided by participating stores. What's more, you'll qualify for a lucky draw when you share videos made by YouTubers displayed on the "bilingual shops resource portal website". Entrant has a chance to win a smartwatch or a bike!

No matter what you are simply reposting the video for a chance to win prizes in the lucky draw, looking for promotional events launched by English-friendly shops, or a business owner hoping to access English resources for food and beverage and retail services, you can visit http://bilingualshop.cdri.org.tw/ for more detailed information, and be part of the exciting movement to transform Taiwanese businesses encompassing with a global vision.

Spokeswoman: Department of Commerce of MOEA, Deputy Director Liu Ya-chuan
TEL: 02-23212200 #8323
EMAIL: ycliu@moea.gov.tw

Liaison: Department of Commerce of MOEA, Section Chief Weng Ching-ting
TEL: 02-23212200 #8400
EMAIL: ctweng@moea.gov.tw