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2021-11-01 09:40
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

16th UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting Highlighting O&M and Floating Wind Innovative Technology

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16th UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting Highlighting O&M and Floating Wind Innovative Technology
(Taipei, 1 September 2021) Taiwan has already become the most important offshore wind business partner of the UK in Asia Pacific, and the 16th annual UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting, co-hosted by the British Office and the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, took place in Taipei earlier today. More than 200 industry professionals joined this online meeting with more than 16 offshore wind businesses sharing best practices in the areas of operation and maintenance (O&M), smart grid and innovative technology on floating offshore wind. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between CSBC, Taiwan's largest ship builder, and Flotation Energy, UK's floating wind developer, to focus on collaboration for floating wind development in Taiwan.

The UK offshore wind sector has set an ambitious target to reach 40GW in capacity by 2030; currently, the total installed offshore wind capacity in the UK is over 10GW. With larger turbine technologies available in the market, offshore wind provides the most valuable route to a decarbonised grid for the UK. Given the innovative technology and maritime engineering experience gained in the European market, the UK is now able to set up one turbine in just 8 hours. The UK government is investing more in technology innovation that can deliver green power in the most cost-effective ways, and accelerate the process of building offshore wind farms to bring more green energy to the grid system. Offshore wind is becoming more affordable and more economically compelling every year, and the UK is at the forefront of this innovation.

Taiwan launched the energy transition policy in 2016, and plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation to 20% by 2025. As part of the efforts to achieve energy transition goals and to become an offshore wind power hub in Asia, Taiwan has been actively promoting offshore wind power development with a target capacity of 5.6 GW by 2025. The three stages of Taiwan's offshore wind power policy include demonstrative, potential, and zonal developments. Currently Taiwan has officially begun the Phase 3 offshore wind development. "The Developer Selection Mechanism for Phase 3 (Zonal Development) of Offshore Wind" was announced on 19th August 2021 by Ministry of Economic Affairs after extensive consultations with stakeholders. 15 GW of capacity will be released in separate phases from 2026 to 2035 in aim to facilitate steady development of Taiwan's offshore wind market and achieve the vision of an environmentally sustainable future.

To date, 30 UK offshore wind companies have already set up operation in Taiwan. The UK has the experience and commercial capabilities to help Taiwan in building a robust supply chain. Capitalising on new technologies such as floating offshore wind will cement Taiwan as the region's leading offshore wind market.

TSENG Wen-Sheng, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs remarked: "Countries worldwide have been paying great attention on Taiwan's renewable energy development, particularly on offshore wind, which is expected to reach 5.6 GW by 2025. To boost the development of offshore wind in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to release 1.5 GW annually between 2026 and 2035. It is 50% more than the 1 GW initially planned. Therefore, we need to cooperate with more partners. Taiwan and the UK had a lot of official cooperation and exchanges. I am delighted to see more collaborations between Taiwanese and British enterprises and looking forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future."

John Dennis, British Office Representative, said: "The British Office has a long history of working with Taiwan in offshore wind. As Taiwan embarks on its energy transition, we are excited to see how this relationship develops. The industry is evolving, with new technology on the horizon. In the years ahead, we will strengthen our relationship with Taiwan by sharing these technologies and methods, helping ensure Taiwan remains at the apex of Asia's offshore wind development."

Huub den Rooijen, Managing Director (Marine) of The Crown Estate, who served as the UK Chair of the 16th UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting, also commented: "Great wind resources and strong government leadership have catapulted Taiwan to the premier league of offshore wind developers. Similar to the UK, continuous dialogue between industry and stakeholders is critical to create favourable investment conditions, and we are pleased to share our experiences with Taiwan."

Taiwan Chair, YU Cheng-Wei, Director General of Bureau of Energy, also said: "I am glad to continue to organize this Roundtable Meeting for the 16th time with the UK, and also delighted to witness the MOU signing between CSBC Corporation Taiwan and Flotation Energy from UK. I look forward to seeing more Taiwanese and British companies cooperating in the field of renewable energy in the future. At today's meeting, a lot of government and industry representatives from both sides were invited, who shared very insightful ideas and exchanged knowledge. The UK has always been an important partner for Taiwan to achieve our energy transition goals, and Taiwan is also working hard to expand the deployment of renewable energy and offshore wind. Therefore, I believe there will be more cooperation opportunities for both sides to work together towards the goal of net-zero carbon emissions."

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