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2021-11-03 13:58
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The 26th Taiwan-Australia Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC) Sharing Strategic Deployments of Net Zero Emissions and Facilitating Bilateral Cooperation

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The 26th Taiwan-Australia Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC)
The 26th Taiwan-Australia Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC) was once again held via video-conferencing in the morning of September 7, 2021. The ROC delegation was led by Deputy Minister Tseng Wen-sheng of Economic Affairs, and Australian delegation was led by Deputy Secretary Sean Sullivan of Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources. The consultations were jointly chaired by Director-General Yu Cheng-wei of Bureau of Energy, MOEA, and General Manager David Lawrence and General Manager Martin Squire of Department of Industry Science, Energy, and Resources. A total of 17 officials and experts in the area of energy and minerals from both sides reported in the meeting, and a total of 73 attendees from the industry, government, and academia, participated in the video conference.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister Tseng Wen-sheng pointed out that, Australia has always been Taiwan's main supplier of energy and minerals resources, and has significantly helped Taiwan to ensure energy security. Australia is one of Taiwan's most reliable and indispensable partners. The fact that both parties still got together and discussed the future of bilateral cooperation in energy and minerals despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shows that both sides highly value this relationship. Deputy Secretary Sean Sullivan also recognized that JEMTIC is the most important high-level dialogue between the two sides on energy and minerals, which helps to stabilize and expand the cooperative ties between Taiwan and Australia in energy and minerals.

According to Ministry of Economic Affairs, countries around the world should be more proactively cooperating in response to climate change, implementing ambitious climate actions. Taiwan began the discussion in 2020, and has evaluated and planned the strategic roadmap to achieve the 2050 target of net zero emissions. Australia is also highly concerned with economic issues of carbon neutrality, and strives for the development of low-carbon emissions technology in response to challenges of climate change. There are great potentials for the two sides to cooperate in this area. Through information exchange in the political, technological, and industrial aspects during the meeting, both sides can evaluate feasible models to be established for the low-carbon partnership between Taiwan and Australia.

This year's meeting focused the discussion on the three key energy and minerals topics most concerned by the two sides, including energy policy, clean and renewable energy promotion and cooperation in resources. This year, in addition to continuing the discussions on the issues faced by both countries in the process of energy transition, such as renewable energy, grid integration, and energy efficiency, and updating each other's policies and progress of related promotions, the meeting also focused on discussing the strengthening of responses to challenges of climate change, potential low-carbon emissions technology for the achievement of the 2050 net zero emissions target, and hydrogen energy strategy. Especially in the area of hydrogen energy, the two sides conducted in-depth exchange on current development and future plan. Australia shared on its related R&D of hydrogen energy, and promotion and progress of international experiments, whereas Taiwan made proposals of cooperation for green hydrogen and HBI produced by green hydrogen, and establishment of paths for green hydrogen production, transportation, and application, in aim to reduce emissions by the power industry, exploring and assessing the feasibility of expanding the Taiwan-Australia cooperation in energy and minerals. Moreover, both parties also exchanged opinions on the prospects of traditional energy and minerals resources and critical minerals, as both sides hoped to further strengthen the partnership in energy security in addition to long-term and stable energy and mineral, and trade and investment cooperation.

First held in 1993, this year marked the 26th edition of JEMTIC. By updating the Taiwan-Australia strategic partnership action plan annually, the two parties formulate concrete items of cooperation and regularly track and review progresses. In the future, both Taiwan and Australia will continue to explore new cooperative opportunities and forge consensus through the platform, which will be developed into concrete proposals and plans of cooperation, in order to facilitate the deployment and cooperation of bilateral energy and minerals developments for net zero emissions.

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