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2021-11-22 16:59
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Report Release Conference -Path to Resilience:The Circular Supply Chain Outlook for Taiwan and Europe

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"Taiwan-Europe Recycling Supply Chain Theme Report" Press Conference
The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) launched the release conference of "The Circular Supply Chain Outlook for Taiwan and Europe" report this morning. Attendees included delegates from international brands and local Taiwanese industries. At this event, both Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu, representing the IDB, and Mr. Freddie Hoglund, representing the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT), signed on the report. The event also showcased achievements in the cooperation between the IDB and the ECCT - Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT-LCI). The report launch started with opening remarks from Lin Yung-sheng, the Director of Sustainable Development Division, IDB, and Mr. Freddie Hoglund.

Director Lin stated that the European Union's "Green Deal" demonstrated its commitment to sustainable transformation in the post-pandemic era. In response to this sustainable trend, major international brands have proposed new procurement targets that require their suppliers to increase the percentages of recycled materials or renewable energy in their products. Taiwanese companies hold key roles in the global supply chain and have utilized their advantages to develop a circular supply chain with international brands. This report represents the bilateral achievements between the IDB and the ECCT-LCI in the past few years. Based on these achievements, the IDB is committed to continuing to work with ECCT-LCI and to explore new possibilities for a closer partnership. Mr. Freddie Hoglund, the CEO of the ECCT, stated that this joint report has demonstrated the long-term commitment of working with local suppliers. ECCT members have cooperated with Taiwanese suppliers to achieve the circular economy. The ECCT will continue to support and encourage more international members to participate in the IDB's match-making mechanism.

The report specifically focuses on the supply chain cooperation between Taiwan and Europe, and includes global supply chain trends, national circular economy policies in Taiwan and the EU, Taiwanese manufacturers' capabilities, and brands and supply chain matching mechanisms. The event involved a lively discussion and concluded with three major actions:

1. To strengthen the links between circular technology and the market by introducing concepts of product re-design;
2. To provide quality and trace verification for products to meet international standards;
3. To achieve net-zero emission targets by making the circular models scalable and replicable.

In response to the trend of sustainable procurement in the global supply chain, the IDB encourages more communication and cooperation between local manufacturers and international brands to further deepen the partnership with Europe.
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