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2021-11-17 16:59
Taiwan Power Company

Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Presented Today. Taipower Receives Platinum Award for Sustainability Reporting for the Fourth Time

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Taipower has won the Platinum Award for Corporate Sustainability Report in Taiwan four times.
The "2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards", known as the Oscars of corporate sustainability in Taiwan, were presented today (17). As the driving force behind Taiwan's industrial development, Taipower not only actively develops renewable energy and expands the application of smart grid, but also plans the blueprint of circular economy strategy this year, and has been awarded the Platinum Award of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report for four times. At the same time, Taipower was also recognized with the Taiwan Sustainable Business Performance Award and the Creative Communication Leadership Award. Taipower said that it will continue to respond to the international trend of energy transformation and sustainable development, and communicate with the community in multiple ways to live up to the recognition of the award.

The Sustainable Energy Foundation held the 2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award Ceremony at the Grand Hotel Taipei today. Taipower's Vice President Hsu, Tsao-Hua received the award from Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Tsai, Chi-Chang. According to Taipower, the 2021 Taipower Sustainability Report is titled "Circular and Sustainable, Smart Taipower," with a three-part plan of "coal reduction," "pollution reduction," and "carbon reduction," actively promoting the development of green energy, strengthening the toughness of the power grid, and actively developing smart power grids and energy storage systems to achieve the goal of energy transformation. With the concept of "resource sustainability", Taipower reused coal ash and waste water and developed a circular economy business model to receive the highest platinum award in the Energy Industry Sustainability Report Awards, and shared the platinum honor with companies such as Foxconn, UMC, and China Airlines.

Taipower was also recognized for its corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social inclusion, and received the Taiwan Sustainable Business Performance Award. Taipower pointed out that Taipower established the Sustainable Development Committee to implement corporate sustainability strategy and governance. In response to the impact of climate change, Taipower is reducing emissions at the source and will implement 872 load shedding and emission reductions in 2020, reducing net greenhouse gas emissions from thermal power units by 6.52% compared to 2016. The company has also developed a "circular economy strategy blueprint" to establish a circular economy business model and improve the efficiency of resource use. The company has made coasters, lamp holders, and other cultural and creative products from discarded hindrances, wooden cross-arms, and coal ash by-products generated after power generation, and has received a great response.

In addition, Taipower also actively contributes to society. Last year, faced with the COVID-19 epidemic test, Taipower immediately cascaded 18 regional offices to strengthen the maintenance of power supply lines for mask factories to ensure that the production of masks with electricity is safe, in order to take practical action to support the government's epidemic prevention policy. At the same time, Taipower has also invested dozens of units and hundreds of people in inventorying cultural assets since 2016, preserving the cultural assets of the electricity industry for years and holding special exhibitions on electricity, so that the profound cultural heritage of the enterprise can be integrated with society.

Taipower has also won the Creative Communication Leadership Award by integrating the issue of electricity saving into people's daily lives in a lively and light-hearted way. Taipower's "I am proud to save electricity" lifestyle aesthetic from year 2019 has generated a lot of buzzes. In year 2020, the company launched activities targeting different age groups, including the popular "Little Taipower Camp" for parents and children, and the "Room Fever" and "Power Saving Music Party" for young people, winning awards with innovative elements.

According to Taipower, in response to future trends and challenges, issues such as energy and digital transformation and circular economy have become Taipower's sustainable DNA. Taipower will continue to provide stable electricity for the diversified development of society in a friendly environment and at a reasonable cost from its core business of electricity, and become a model of sustainable development for state-owned enterprises.

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