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Singapore sets up Southeast Asia's first 6G laboratory
Kind: ICD What's New  Organization: Department of International Cooperation  Publish Date: 2022-09-27 16:44
In order to implement the Future Communications R&D Programme, Singapore's Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) set up the Future Communications Connectivity Lab on Sept. 19, 2022, to research future communication technologies and develop concrete and commercialized solutions.

The laboratory, located at SUTD, is the first R&D facility in Southeast Asia to integrate artificial intelligence and 6G technology, mainly focusing on next-generation 6G technology R&D projects, such as holographic communications and intelligent sensing technology supporting new-generation unmanned vehicles and drones.

Singaporean Minister for Communications and Information and Second Minister of the Interior Josephine Teo pointed out that Singapore has signed memorandums of understanding with Finland's 6G Flagship and the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences.

The Future Communication Research and Development Project also provides scholarships to Singapore students pursuing master's programs to cultivate talent. So far, 14 scholarships for local students to pursue research and development of future communications technologies have been awarded under the program.

Minister Teo said she hopes that the Future Communications Connectivity Lab not only serves as the center of 6G technology R&D in the country but also becomes an international meeting point through excellent research.

SUTD's research projects include 5G drone application technology, smart sensing to enhance workplace safety and the expansion of "Mixed Reality" applications.

Mr. Tony Quek, director of SUTD's Future Communication R&D Programme, pointed out that 6G technology has unlimited development potential. In addition to expanding coverage, it can also strengthen intelligent sensing technology to improve user experience. For example, in the future, online shopping platforms will allow users to smell perfume samples before deciding which to purchase.

The establishment of laboratories in the early stage of 6G technology in Singapore can promote cooperation between research institutions and technology companies and give their technologies and products a place in the global 6G development field, he added.

Note : "Finland's 6G Flagship" was established in November 2018 by the University of Oulu, Finland, in cooperation with universities and industry experts from several countries and committed to the research of 6G communication technology. Since 2019, it has held 6G Wireless Summits and convened experts from the international industry, academia and research community to compile the world's first 6G white paper. In 2020, 6G Flagship experts released 12 white papers on different topics.

Sources : Economic Division, Taipei Representative Office in the Republic of Singapore; Associated Press

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