Our responsibilities

The International Cooperation Department (ICD) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs is principally engaged in handling bilateral ministerial- and vice-ministerial-level meetings, receiving foreign visitors and promoting international technical cooperation programs. In order to carry out these tasks, the ICD actively liaisons with the various ROC government ministries and agencies, ROC representative offices abroad, and foreign representative offices in Taiwan. Specifically, the ICD has the following responsibilities:

1. Liaison and development related to international economic and technical cooperation
2. Coordination and implementation of international economic and technical cooperative activities
3. Promotion of bilateral economic cooperation and coordination, liaison and implementation of economic cooperation meeting resolutions
4. Liaison, coordination, promotion and implementation of regional economic and technical cooperation
5. Implementation of bilateral technical assistance programs
6. Collection of information on international economic and technical cooperation and related research
7. Other matters concerning international economic and technical cooperation and foreign visitors received

Update: 2020-04-08
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Department of International Cooperation
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