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The Clean Mobility CoP is a network of regional community of practitioners led by the Asia LEDS Partnership and LEDS Global Partnership’s Transport Working Group (TWG). The Asia LEDS Clean Mobility CoP is a fluid transnational and the regional community of practitioners (broadly formalised under the LEDS framework) to learn from each other and provide expertise and inputs to interested country governments on transport LEDS strategies for the region.

The CoP will offer advice, trainings, and inputs on priority need basis to interested national/regional governments for joint learnings.

The Transport CoP is intended to be an interactive network comprised of national and subnational governments, technical institutes nominated officials, transport sector experts, LEDS Global Partnership transport working group and Asia LEDS Partnership, addressing real-time policy, financing, technical challenges and solutions related to cleaner mobility; policy and regulatory framework for public transport.


Experiences and challenges in implementing electric mobility initiatives

Roadmap for Sustainable Green Freight

Enabling a transition to electric mobility in Intermediate Public Transport fleets: Policies and Enabling Environment

Enabling a transition to electric mobility in public transport fleets: Policies and Enabling Environment

Update: 2020-11-13
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