Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) CoP


The Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) Community of Practice (CoP) is an initiative of the Asia LEDS Partnership in collaboration with the Building Efficiency Accelerator, a public-private collaboration under the Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) initiative of the United Nations. The BEE Community of Practice is envisaged to be an interactive network of experts and practitioners in building energy efficiency that come together for peer learning and knowledge sharing.

The BEE CoP is expected to have participants from city, provincial and national government agencies, technical institutions, private firms, NGOs and/or international organizations that are working on furthering building efficiency implementation, from across the Asia region.

The BEE CoP will focus on building energy efficiency activities with the intent to capture and support the needs of sub-national governments on uptake of building energy efficiency plans. Relevant opportunities for enabling action by the national government will also be identified for promotion of building energy efficiency at the national level. In the long run, the CoP will also focus on sustainable energy for buildings, including demand and supply.


Energy Benchmarking to realize improved Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Technologies and Solutions to deliver improved Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Enabling Building Efficiency Uptake through Policy Actions  

Update: 2020-11-11
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