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Located in the heart of Asia, Taiwan has strong clusters in industries such as semiconductors, machine tool, biotech and others. It also has a strong R&D talent pool and is known for its strict protection of intellectual property. DoIT encourages global companies and research institutes to collaborate with Taiwanese counterparts in order to co-create innovative technology as well as new business opportunities.

Over the years a solid collaboration network with global partners in the US, Japan and European countries has been established. The collaboration covers a wide range of technology areas including ICT, Smart Machinery, Materials & Chemicals, Biomedical, Emerging Technologies, etc. in order to complement Taiwan’s industrial capabilities.

DoIT also promotes collaboration ties with governments, institutes and industries of Southeast Asian countries. Precise Co. of Thailand (smart machinery), BECAMEX Co. of Vietnam (smart city & ICT), and MIDA of Malaysia (green technology) are some examples of organizations that collaborate with Taiwan under DoIT’s support.

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Email: contact@itri.ru
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