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Global Innovation Partnership Initiatives Program


Driven by the Global Innovation Partnership Initiatives Program, several Taiwanese companies including DuPont, ASML, CSI Technology Group, Synopsys Taiwan Co., Ltd., Microsoft Taiwan, Applied Materials Taiwan, and TDK Taiwan Corporation, have already established international cooperative relationships. The collaborations are aimed at pushing innovative R&D activities in various fields such as next-generation display technologies and optoelectronic materials, next-generation communications, smart manufacturing systems, semiconductor equipment and green innovative materials.

Program Outcomes and Effect

● ASML has been a strategic technology partner to Taiwan., under DoIT's Global Innovation Partnership Initiatives Program, ASML Taiwan gain more leverage to request for more high-value, innovative and substantive economic activities to transfer to Taiwan.

● Reticle Handler is the perfect project for ASML Taiwan to help local suppliers to upgrade their capabilities or expand the scope of their business operations in Taiwan. ASML has transferred the reticle handler to Taiwan for R&D and production, increasing the proportion of sub-modules and components manufactured in Taiwan, and increasing the purchase amount in Taiwan.

Global Innovation Partnership Initiatives Program
This program is to support foreign enterprises to develop advanced technology in Taiwan, and joint R&D with Taiwanese industry. The program may subsidize up to 50% of the total R&D budget invested.

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