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Mission of DoIT

In order to lead technology R&D innovation, remove any roadblock to Taiwan's technology advancement, and enhance Taiwan’s international competitiveness; the Ministry of Economy Affairs (MOEA) established the Science and Technology Advisors Office in 1979 in accordance with the Science and Technology Development Plan. In 1993, under the stipulation of Article 21 of the Organization Law enacted by the MOEA, this office was formally restructured and became known as the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT in short). This Department is primarily mandated to implement Technology Development Programs (TDPs in short) to consolidate the research capabilities and soft power from research institutes, industries and academia sectors to develop cutting edge, key and multidisciplinary industrial technologies. DoIT also facilitates the creation of an innovation system linking industry, academia and research institutes, strengthening the nation’s industrial development capabilities, and accelerating the nation’s industrial upgrading and value creation.

Policy in Action

Being part of the operating system to implement the nation’s science and technology policy, DoIT is tasked to promote scientific and technological (S&T) programs while keeping abreast of the nation’s pulse on industrial development and needs. Also, in adherence to directives from the President and guidance from the Executive Yuan, the Department actively plans and delineates on key focuses of how to upgrade and transform the nation’s industrial structure. To promote and implement specific Technology Development Programs, DoIT has strengthened its overall planning, fine-tuned its execution practices, and established systems for performance assessment. All of these measures have been implemented via strategy formulation, organization management, performance assessment and feedback adjustment with an aim to enhance the benefits from domestic industrial innovation with deployment of precious resources from TDPs.


Policy in action


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