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Technology Innovation Focus

With its superior R&D technology and rich human resources, Taiwan is one of the largest economies in Asia. To stay at the forefront of R&D and drive the economy forward, DoIT has selected key technology areas to receive priority support under the National 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program by Executive Yuan. These technology areas are:


Areas of research


Smart Technology

Advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, AR/MR and many other disruptive technologies are expected to transform our life styles and industrial structure in the future. Building on Taiwan’s existing competitive strengths in the ICT and semiconductor industries, DoIT is committed to developing emerging core Smart Technology, integrating software/ hardware/services, and forging international partnerships, in order to take the Smart Technology industry to the next level. Smart Technology would serve as the linchpin of the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan.

Green Energy Technology

In this era of climate change, green energy is an ultrahigh potential emerging industry. The 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program focuses on the development of green energy technology, such as energy storage, solid-state batteries, energy saving technologies for electric cars, and energy-efficient motors. Under the government’s policy, DoIT leverages the strength of the electro-optical industry to develop emerging technologies, such as energy saving, energy storage, carbon reduction and system integration. DoIT also fosters Taiwan’s connections with global partners to occupy its share of the promising emerging market.

Smart Manufacturing Technology

Taiwan’s machine tool industry plays a significant role in the global market as a major machine tool exporter. In response to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, Smart Machinery is included in the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program. With the advantages of existing machine tool technology, production and automation, DoIT has not only developed intelligent technology for machine tools, but also built a PaaS/SaaS platform for smart production. Based on Taiwan’s superior vertical manufacturing and machine tool industries, we can form alliances with global partners to implement the industrial technology upgrade strategy focused on the dual engines of manufacturing and services strategies.

Material & Biotechnology

Taiwan is a global leader in clinical medicine and has a top-notch national health care system. With long-term investment in the biotechnology industry, numerous new drugs and medical devices are constantly brought to market. Also, Taiwan’s material industry plays an irreplaceable position in the global market. The advancement of data analysis heralds a new era for biotechnology and material technologies, and thus DoIT will promote cross-industry and cross-border technology partnerships for the development of new drugs, innovative medical devices and new materials, as to support the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries’ vision endorsed by the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program.

Service Innovation

With the combination of the Internet, IoT, Big Data and AI, new applications and business models such as Uber and Airbnb have emerged in large numbers in recent years. Emerging technologies and models such as block chain, RPA, 5G and C2B will impact service innovation, model innovation, and the supply-and-demand system to experience increasingly faster conversion cycles. DoIT leverages Taiwan’s advantages in its unique data resources and terminal industry to link service innovation to the industrial innovative fields of the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program to grow a new ecosystem of industrial innovation and create new industrial value.

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