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[2021 Edison Awards] ITRI's Innovative MetabColor Took Home a Silver in the 2021 Edison Awards
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2021-05-20 16:00
Open new window for ITRI's MetabColor, a pioneering solution that offers an eco-friendly microbial dyes manufacturing process, won silver at Edison Awards 2021.(jpg)
ITRI's MetabColor won a silver Edison Award in the Material Sciences & Engineering category. MetabColor are dyes produced by microorganisms with brilliant color strength and fastness for textile dyeing. MetabColor is available in 5 colors: red, yellow, blue, brown and black. In particular, MetabColor Black pioneers the textile industry by being the world's first single black dye whose production process does not involve mixing of highly concentrated colored dyes.

ITRI MetabColor technology provides microbial dyes that can be readily implemented in the textile industry, as it overcomes the obstacles such as plant dyes production cannot be easily scaled up for industrial applications or the use of harsh chemical to manufacture chemical dyes. Its environmental-friendly manufacturing process features the use of renewable resource as feedstocks and minimize discharge of toxic wastewater. MetabColor dyes also boast more vibrant color and effective dyeing across multiple textile fibers compared to plant dyes. Conventional black dye is made through color-matching of concentrated red, blue, and yellow dyes, which is another source of waste water in the dyeing process. ITRI MetabColor Black is a pure and single dye that bypassed the color matching step thus reducing waste water discharge.

ITRI has optimized MetabColor dyes with highly efficient dye production, eco-friendly dyeing process, and dyes with brilliant color strength and fastness on fibers. In collaboration with textile industry leaders (Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. and JINTEX Corporation Ltd.), ITRI MetabColor has demonstrated its effectiveness in commercial setting. ITRI MetabColor technology has the potential to disrupt the dye market and lead the revolution of textile industry toward a green, sustainable future.

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