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Classification Name Content
Monthly Monthly report of Industrial Production Statistics [Mandarin/English], the end of month.
Annual Economic Statistics Annual, Taiwan Area, ROC [Mandarin/English], July, GPN:2007700008,
ISSN:1727-4710, NT$500.
Yearbook of Exports Orders Statistics [Mandarin/English], February, GPN:2009300189,
ISSN:1812-7460, NT$150.
Yearbook of Industrial Production Statistics(e-book) [Mandarin/English], March, GPN:4810200310,
Report on the Enterprises Surveys [Mandarin], October, GPN:2007700074,
ISSN:1727-4605, NT$250.
Industrial Census Report [Mandarin], June, GPN:2006900009,
ISSN:1727-4648, NT$700.
Directory of Factory by Occupation [Mandarin], December, GPN:2006900008,
ISSN:1727-4656, NT$2,400.
Report on Operations Strategies of the Manufactures [Mandarin], November, GPN:2008000040,
ISSN:1727-4559, NT$400.
Report on Foreign Investment Strategies of the Manufactures [Mandarin], October, GPN:2008600058,
ISSN:1727-4583, NT$600.
Economic Statistics Indicators of Major Countries [Mandarin], May, GPN:2008100018,
ISSN:1727-4702, NT$300
Non-periodical Comprehensive Introduction for Government Statistics [Mandarin], February, 2004, GPN:2008400055,
ISSN:1727-4699, NT$400.
Report on Automation & Electronic of the Manufactures [Mandarin], June for even year, GPN:2007900027,
ISSN:1727-463X, NT$200.
Report on Domestic Investment Strategies of the Manufactures [Mandarin], September, 2004, GPN:2008500080,
ISSN:1727-4664, NT$250.

Update: 2017-08-17
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