"Technology and Innovation driven" Industrial Development Policy

In response to the rise of the knowledge economy, the MOEA will devote its efforts to the promotion of a technology and innovation driven industrial development policy to secure Taiwan's competitive position in the new century and lay a stable foundation for the country's industrial growth.

1.Taiwan's world-leading position in technology and innovation.
In its most recent report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked Taiwan fourth globally in terms of growth competitiveness, second on the technology index and the innovation index, underscoring the strength of Taiwan's innovative R&D.

2.Taiwan spends 3% of GDP on R&D, providing a strong support for industrial growth.
In order to develop Taiwan as the most attractive base for innovative R&D in Asia, the government aims to increase R&D spending to 3% of GDP by 2006, putting Taiwan on par with developed countries. In 2004, the government implemented the Advenced Technology.
Programs with an aim to boost R&D spending by nearly 11% over the 2003 level, thereby helping Taiwan to strengthen innovative and forward-looking R&D and industrial results.

3.The "Two-Trillion and Twin-Star Industries" solidify Taiwan's leading position in hi-tech industry.
The MOEA designates semiconductor industry and color-image display industry as the "Two-Trillion" industries; digital content industry and biotechnology industry as the "Twin-Star" industries. They are the new niche for Taiwan's industrial development. It is estimated that by 2006, Taiwan will become an important location for 12-inch wafer fabs plants and the biggest supplier of TFT-LCD panels in the world. At the same time, Taiwan will be the pioneer of design and application of digital content and biotechnology in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, through the strategy of "mobile services, mobile life, and mobile learning", the production value of broadband and wireless communication industry will exceed NT$1 trillion in 2008, enabling the industry to become the third "Trillion" industry.

4.Promoting Taiwan as a significant R&D center based on its high-tech advantages.
Based on Taiwan's economic and strategic location and its advantages in R&D, the government is proactively encouraging domestic and overseas enterprises to set up R&D centers in Taiwan. With advantages in hi-tech industry, Taiwan is introducing in overseas R&D talent, technology, resources and systems, expecting to create a better niche. It is anticipated that 40 transnational companies will establish their regional R&D centers and 100 domestic enterprises will establish R&D centers in Taiwan by 2007.

5.Fostering excellence to fully support industrial development.
By establishing industrial colleges and extensively recruiting overseas hi-tech telant, the MOEA is reinforcing the quality of talent in IC design and digital content industry. The incubation of large quantity of professionals that meet the needs of enterprises will fully support Taiwan's industrial development.

Update: 2017-08-17
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