"Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability" Resource Policy

Embodying the core values of sustainable development, making the best use of the nation's limited resources, and bridging the past gaps between economic development and environmental construction can reconcile and bring into complementary relationship the needs of economic development with our living environment. Our economic policy will strive to join with the environment and enable sustainable growth.

1.Diversifying the energy industry; building a non-nuclear homeland
The future development of energy in Taiwan is based on the ultimate objective of creating a non-nuclear homeland through energy conservation, greater energy efficiency, development of our renewable energy industry, and the promotion of clean energy, such as solar, wind and geothermal power .By 2010, renewable energy is expected to account for 10% of Taiwan's total installed capacity, and 12% by 2020.

2.Conserving water to sustain water resources and eusuring an abundant supply of high-quality water
In the future, more effort will be put into replenishing and conserving water resources to ensure stable supplies of sufficient quantity and high quality water resources. Water saving and conservation measures will also be implemented to promote the efficient use of water and to achieve the ultimate goal of water sustainability. We will continue to develop the second reservoir at Baoshan and the Hushan Reservoir, and as part of the Ten New Major Construction Projects, the government is carrying out four water resource projects, including building desalinization piants at the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park and offshore islands and constructing the artificial Gaoping Lake to provide a stable quantity of high-quality water. In addition, the government has been promoting water conservation and working toward more effective water utilization.

3.Managing rivers and coastal areas to preserve and foster diverse and natural water environment
In addition to continuing river-flood control, coast protection, and lowland drainage improvements, comprehensive river basin management plans will be implemented, and near-natural landscape design concepts promoted to help create natural and high-quality water recreational areas, to restore diversity and beauty to water environments, and to enhance the overall quality of life of our citizens.

Update: 2017-08-17
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