"Simultaneous Enterprise Creation and Development" Small and Medium Enterprise Policy

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have contributed greatly to the creation of Taiwan's economic miracle. They are also serve as a steady engine for economic development and job creation. The MOEA will continue to help SMEs enhance their competitive position, create an environment beneficial to the establishment and growth of SMEs, and make Taiwan an ideal springboard for SMEs to expand into the international market.

1.Five major strategies for SME assistance
In order to foster ideal conditions in Taiwan for SME creation and growth, the government is pursuing a five-point strategy aimed at creating a healthy environment for the development of SMEs; building a platform for enterprise start-up and incubation; enhancing SMEs' information technology capabilities; strengthening SME management guidance functions; and integrating SME finance mechanisms.

2.Building a Platform for enterprise start-up and incubation, creating an e-business environment for SMEs
Establishing a regular-flexibility analysis mechanism and reviewing regulatory amendments; widely establishing incubation centers, implementing Entrepreneurial Dream Plan, providing business creation consulting, institute for Entrepreneurial Innovation, Entrepreneur's Dream Workshop; establishing e-service teams for various industries to promote e-business; assisting the establishment of online databases and e-commerce; assisting the creation of electronic trading markets and ERP systems; promoting enterprise operation service e-network, e-learning, broadband network access, and knowledge management applications; strengthening business management guidance, providing innovation training, and technology-industrialization; effectively integrating government resources to establish a service network, and strengthening guidance in the development of industries with local characteristics.

3.Integrating finance mechanisms, creating a knowledge economy finance environment
Delivering finance information and service, and integrating professional organizations to enhance SME financing and accounting ability; providing special SME loans, including micro enterprise loan, industry upgrade loan, industry foundation loan, and SME development fund loans; establishing special investment trust accounts for investing in SME start-ups; promoting Credit Guarantee Funds for SME transformation and development projects, improving the quality of assistance provided by the SME Integrated Assistance Fund, and creating a financial environment for the knowledge economy.

4.Integrating SMEs and linking with the global supply chain
The MOEA is applying its successful model and experience in IT development, along with the fostering of specialized trading entities, to form an SME parts and components supply system that can become a part of the international supply chains of producers and help SMEs enter the global market.

Update: 2017-08-17
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