"Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability" State-Owned Enterprises Policy

The privatization of state-owned enterprises has not only injected new vitality into these entities, it has also marked a new milestone in government efficiency innovation.

1.Reorganizing state-owned enterprises to enhance operational performance
In recent years, the MOEA has actively supervised adjustments to the operational strategies of the state-owned enterprises under its jurisdiction. It is also implementing enterprise reorganization, strengthening management constitution, and enhancing business competence . In 2005, the seven enterprises under the MOEA's supervision had NT$9.52 billion combined pre-tax profits, exceeding the original target by NT$1.88 billion. This outstanding performance included the reversal of years of operating losses at Tang Eng Iron Works and China Shipbuilding Corp. thru a reorganization plan that resulted in dramatic improvements in business performance.

2.Privatizing state-owned enterprises to meet new challenges
Since 1989, the MOEA has, in conjunction with government policy, been promoting the privatization of state-owned enterprises; therefore, these enterprises can upgrade their operational efficiency in order to face intensifying competition. To date, nine state-owned enterprises have already been privatized, including Chinese Petrochemical Development Corp., BES Engineering Corp., China Steel Corp., Taiwan Fertilizer Co.Ltd., Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp., Taiwan Industrial Development Corp., Taiwan Aricultural & Industrial Development Corp., Taiwan Salt Industrial Corp., and Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Ltd.

3.Developing public utility infrastructure to ensure power and water supply
Two public utility companies under MOEA supervision, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) and Taiwan Water Supply Corp. (TWSC), have been carrying out various major investment projects to ensure their ability to provide an ample and high quality power and water supply. These projects include TPC's Tatan Combined Cycle Project, Heping River Bihai Hydro Power Project, Matsu Jhushan Power Station Project, and the Sixth Transmission and Substation Project; as well as TWSC's projects to improve water supply in the Hualien area and Liouciou Township , and the projects to improve water quality in the greater Kaohsiung area.

Update: 2017-08-17
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