"Knowledge Innovation and High Quality Life" Service Industry Policy

The development of the service industry is a shortcut to raising national income, improving the quality of life, and creating jobs. In recent years, it has thus become the main economic task of advanced nations in pursuit of economic growth. In future, Taiwan should, building on its excellent manufacturing base, develop technological R&D, distribution and other value-added services to fast-track industrial upgrading and make good use of the nation's abundant creative energy to bring our service industry to the next level.

1.Developing high job creation and knowledge-intensive service industries to fast-track industrial upgrading
In its efforts to develop high job creation and knowledge-intensive service industries, the MOEA has prioritized the promotion of the distribution, cultural and creative, R&D, information, and design sectors. We anticipate that by 2008, the added value in cultural and creative industries will increase 1.5-fold, and that total output in the information and R&D sectors will reach NT$300 billion and NT$140 billion, respectively, the value of the IC design service sector is anticipated to reach NT$15 billion.

2.Promoting market driven innovation R&D
In accordance with the "Industrial Technology R&D Transformation and Breakthrough Innovation Plan," the MOEA will team up with R&D foundations and academic R&D organizations to jointly promote market driven innovation R&D. It will, moreover, seek to deeply understand the market utilization processes of innovative technology and techniques, the formation of innovative commercial models and the course of technology and life scenario, with the aim of tapping market innovation methods to promote technological innovation in industry.

3.Creating a high quality consumer environment; revitalizing local industries
In order to create a high quality consumer environment, the MOEA has been integrating the unique assets of various localities to create over 200 image commercial areas and shopping streets, refurbish traditional markets and expand community businesses. We are also fast-tracking implementation of the 2008 Taiwan Expo to provide residents with new life enjoyment, while bringing together Taiwan's special industries to create unrivaled competitive strength.

4.Promoting function-oriented assistance to meet development needs in the service sector
As the boundaries between the manufacturing and service sectors become increasingly blurred, the MOEA will roll out function-oriented support and guidance; strengthen integration of distribution and supply chains, actively advance assist the franchise, MICE, and innovation services industries, provide special assistance to technology-intensive service sectors, and actively nurture key talent needed by the service sector.

Update: 2017-08-17
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