"Efficiency, Reform, and Serving Business and the Public" Investment Policy

At a time of intense global competition for business investment, the MOEA will continue to provide highly efficient administrative services and, putting the needs of the public first, will actively establish industrial software and hardware support and development systems to enhance conditions for business investment.

1.Reinforcing hardware and software to create an attractive investment environment
The MOEA has introduced various measures to create an attractive business investment environment in Taiwan. These initiatives include the "006688" program to reduce the cost of renting commercial-use land; the establishment of a service window for an NT$1 trillion preferential financing program aimed at stimulating industrial investment; implementation of deregulation to remove obstacles to business development; adjustment of preferential rent measures, and review of foreign investment-related law and regulation.

2.Enhancing government efficiency and providing customer-oriented investment services
The "single service window of industrial parks" initiated by the MOEA effectively enhance the efficiency of construction of plants by 57%.The service has specially designated staff to assist in removing investment obstacles, and bureau and administration heads personally play a leading role in attracting business investment and supervising the resolution of investment difficulties faced by businesses. Difficulties that they are unable to resolve are referred to the Minister of Economic Affairs, who personally presides over interdepartmental meetings held to work out solutions. Alternatively, the case may be reported to the Executive Yuan's Financial and Economic Advisory Group, headed by the Premier, for coordination of resolution measures, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of all investment cases.

3.Identifying key objectives and actively attracting foreign investment
The MOEA has established various industry promotion task forces and offices to identify potential investment areas and promote investment; it has organized investment missions to visit target companies overseas and attract investment to Taiwan; and it has organized international investment meetings and investment summits and forums to stimulate private investment willingness by publicizing deregulation and investment opportunities.

4.Establishing international compatibility of measurement standards to support industrial development
In order to upgrade Taiwan's overall measurement capability and support the technological upgrading of industries, the MOEA has established 124 sets of national measurement standards covering such fields as electromagnetism, length, time, and ionizing radiation. Such standards have been estabilished aiming to international equivalence. Some standards, recognized by other countries, are conducive to trade. In addition, the ministry has been engaged in the development of nanometer measurement standards to support the nanotech industry.

5.Protecting intellectual property rights to improve business investment conditions
In view of the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) in supporting the industrial development in the knowledge economy, MOEA has successively amended the Patent Act, Copyright Act, Trademark Act, and their subsidiary laws and regulations so as to build a sound legal IPR regime. The Ministry has also assisted in the establishment of a special IP enforcement police taskforce to crack down on piracy that can effectively block IP infringements, thereby creating an excellent IPR protection environment and attracting continued investment in innovative R&D.

Update: 2017-08-17
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