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2022-08-25 18:10
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Ministry of Economic Affairs collaborate with the Chinese National Association of Industries to establish the;Industrial Carbon Neutrality Alliance

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Launching the Industrial Carbon Neutrality Alliance - Towards a Carbon Neutral Co-creative Future
To consolidate the willingness of reducing carbon and promote the net-zero transformation of large and SMEs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) cooperated with the Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) and established the 'Industrial Carbon Neutrality Alliance' and 30 industry associations and member manufacturers joined as the priority alliance.
The Alliance witnessed by Ms. Mei-Hua Wang, Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General of the industrial Development Bureau were expected to promote more carbon reduction collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the industries.
Mr. Feng-Chiang Miao, Chairman of CNFI hosted the Alliance and invited the chairman of 30 industry associations including steel, petrochemical, cement, textile, and pulp & paper.
This Alliance will implement carbon reduction by three key strategies, including 'strengthening industrial carbon management capabilities', 'establishing an industrial carbon reduction platform', and 'promoting diversification with large and SMEs'.
The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) also provided various resources to assist the Alliance in the following net-zero actions, such as assisting in evaluating energy management systems and establishing ISO50001 systems, introducing high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and energy-saving counseling, SMEs carbon inventory counseling and corporate carbon reduction counseling, product environmental footprint analysis, technical assistance for greenhouse gas exchange projects, etc.
The Alliance is scheduled to hold 20 carbon inventory and carbon footprint seminars before August 2022 for industry associations that are willing and have an urgent needs for carbon reduction technologies, such as Taiwan Garment Industry Association, Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessories Builders' Association, Taiwan Metal Industry Association, etc., initially focused on spreading and enhancing the knowledge of industrial carbon inventory and carbon footprint.
For the first group of 30 industry associations including steel, petrochemical, cement, paper, textile, food, chemical, metal, general industry, etc., the regular meetings will focus on discussing the goals, plans, partners, promotion models, platform resources, etc. Meanwhile, IDB will also participate in the discussion to establish the future direction of carbon reduction policy in line with the industry, and gradually implement carbon reduction.
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