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2022-08-26 17:34
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Building New Technology and Market Collaborations in Smart Machinery, Enabling New Taiwan and Germany Industrial Opportunities

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Director Lu witnessed the MOU signing ceremony of the 7th Taiwan-Germany Smart Machinery Forum
Global supply chains have rapidly transformed in recent years, industries continuously seek new value, and countries are promoting for better resilient and safe supply chain management. To further industry dialogue and exchange between Taiwan and Germany in the area of smart machinery, this year (2022) on August 26th, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, German Trade Office, and the Smart Machinery Promotion Office have teamed up for the '7th Germany-Taiwan Smart Machinery Forum', promoting 'Deepening supply chain partner relationship, creating new opportunities for smart manufacturing'.
The opening speech of the forum invited Ministry of Economic Affairs Director General Leu Jang-Hwa and Germany's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action Industrial Policy Director General Bernhard Kluttig to share their visions on smart manufacturing. Director General Leu expressed that Taiwan's industry has continuously adapted to the changing and tumultuous market conditions, Taiwan's machinery industry was able to reach record new highs in 2021, showing that Taiwan solutions are competitive in the international markets. Germany has world leading Industry 4.0 ecosystem, and has built strong complementary relations with Taiwan's industries, cooperation can lead to overcoming market challenges and create greater industry values.
This year's event sees the congregation of industry experts from Taiwan and Germany, including CIECA Vice Chairman Jimmy Chu, Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association Chairman Shi, and representatives from GPM, Seyi Machinery, Nexcobot, and Industrial Technology Research Institute to share the latest accomplishments of smart machinery. Germany's guests are highlighted by Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Chief Executive of Foreign Trade Dr. Volker Treier, and experts from VDMA, Siemens, Igus, Beckhoff, and Synapticon, sharing experiences and business opportunities for collaborations with Taiwanese companies. The event also saw the MOU signing between Seyi Machinery and Beckhoff for 'Collaboration in Applied Technologies for Smart Stamping Press' that sees partnership in advancing smart machinery capabilities and expand international markets; the MOU between Taiwan's Nexcobot and Germany's Synapticon for 'Smart Industrial Cobot Control Technology Cooperation' sees collaboration in optimizing robotics design and software for operation, creating high performance and low energy consumption robotics control solutions.
Strengthening industrial exchange between Taiwan and Germany can support further connections in the supply chain in response to the rapidly changing global industrial environment. Through annual smart machinery forum between Taiwan and Germany, both industries will continue to promote new bilateral collaborations and partnerships for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, capturing more and new opportunities in existing and new places.

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