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2022-11-17 13:07
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

Sound Performance in Practicing ESG, TSC wins 3 awards again

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2022 BSI Sustainable Resilience Award–Pioneer. President Kuo-Hsi Wang received the awards on Nov. 16 with the citations at The Grand Hotel in Taipei
Shortly after receiving the Taiwan Sustainable Action Award (TSAA) in August, the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) has once again won the 2022 Taiwan Corporation Sustainable Award (TCSA) - Overall Performance Award - Top 100 Sustainable Corporations in Taiwan, Sustainable Report Award- Traditional Manufacturing - Gold Award, and also the 2022 BSI Sustainable Resilience Award - Pioneer. President Kuo-Hsi Wang and Vice President Dong-Lin Tsai received the awards yesterday (November 16) and today (November 17) with the citations at The Grand Hotel in Taipei. They expressed their gratitude to the society for the recognition and encouragement of TSC and promised to further refine its operations and collaborate with the industrial section in depth with innovation as the driving force to achieve the goal of corporate sustainability.

According to TSC, they are one of the forerunner corporations in Taiwan in corporate social responsibility and has started to compile the Corporate Sustainable Development report since 2010. This is their manifestation of the commitment and results of the advocacy of sustainability at TSC. For a long time, TSC has paid utmost attention to agricultural development and voluntarily purchased excessive produce or when the export of produce is hindered to maintain an equilibrium. TSC also supports social charity and plays its role as a good neighbor and gives back to the society. TSC has successfully pursued circular economy over the years as exemplified by its establishment of the Donghaifeng Agricultural Circular Park, a green residence building in Shalun and an oyster shell biomaterial plant, which have been launched into service. There are 13 renovation projects of pig farms in progress to set an example of transforming wastes into resources and industrial upgrading in Taiwan.

For speeding up the green energy transformation of the government, TSC is good at using lands not suitable for planting (saline soil land, gravel land) and detention basins to intensify the installation of photovoltaic energy devices, including 3 ground level photovoltaic zones and 9 photovoltaic energy detention basins. These facilities could be launched for coupling in all by the end of the year, according to TSC. It is expected that these systems will help to increase 700 MWh green electric energy and is also an achievement towards the goal of carbon reduction. In the conservation of natural resources, TSC has 4 recreational sites accredited as the sites for environmental education of which the DGC Leisure Farm and the firefly habitat conservation at Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, which have been recognized with the 2021 TSAA.

TSC emphasized that as a forerunner of corporate sustainability, TSC deeply realizes the difficulty and importance of the pursuit of ESG under the challenges of market competition and net zero carbon emission. Indeed, the value of sustainability has been rooted in the DNA of TSC as an enterprise. In the future, TSC will be cautious in keeping a proper balance between business operations, social concerns and environmental sustainability with further effort and refinement and to make contributions to sustainable development in Taiwan.

The award presentation ceremony of this year is combined with the 2022 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, the largest of its kind in Asia. Representatives from the industry, government and academe at home and abroad will be invited every year for sharing and exchange. A video showing the green residence in Shalun and the practice of ESG in Taiwan was played at the opening ceremony to show the results of Taiwan in the advocacy of ESG in different walks of lives.

Chang Mu-jung
Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC
Contact Number: 886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951
Email: a63449@taisugar.com.tw