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2023-07-06 15:54
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

IDB led Taiwanese enterprises to showcase 5G and smart display solutions in Japan, expanding international business opportunities

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IDB led Taiwanese enterprises to showcase 5G and smart display solutions in Japan, expanding international business opportunities
5G, ICT, and display industries are key sectors among the six core strategic industries promoted by the Executive Yuan. Director Lien Chin-Chang of the Industry Development Bureau (IDB) led relevant Taiwanese enterprises to attend the 2023 Japan Next Generation Communication Technology & Solutions Expo (COMNEXT) and the Advanced Digital Technology Expo (Content Tokyo), achieving fruitful results in Taiwan-Japan industrial cooperation.

The 2023 COMNEXT and Content Tokyo were held on June 28th to 30th in Tokyo, serving as Japan's largest international annual event for the 5G, ICT, and display industries. IDB led companies such as Askey, LiteOn, QCT, HTC's subsidiary, G REIGNS, etc., to arrive in Japan to participate in the expos, and invited renowned international enterprises such as Airspan, Qualcomm, NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, NEC, Rakuten Mobile, and FUJITSU to engage in in-depth one-on-one exchanges with domestic communication companies. Via connecting both sides, Taiwanese companies could better grasp international market demands and business opportunities to tap into, as well as showcase the excellent 5G solution capabilities and diverse application potentials among domestic communication companies, revealing Taiwan's robust 5G strengths to international 5G pilot application enterprises.

In terms of the display industry, domestic companies and IDB have reached a high consensus on the orientation of industry transformation, aiming to develop high-value-added products and software-hardware-integrating smart display solutions, which opened up new international market opportunities. Solutions in the smart transportation domain implemented by companies have already gained favor from the Kobe Ports and Harbors Office in Japan, resulting in an international export case. In this exhibition, 6 companies, including Darwin Precisions, LightMatrix, VM-Fi, E Ink, Wistron, and InnoLux, presented a total of 11 solutions in Japan, with the hope of exploring potential collaboration opportunities between Taiwan and Japan.

During the exhibition, the AI translation technology from demestic startup VM-Fi was propelled to combine with AUO panels to create the AI real-time translation transparent projection film solution. This could be applied to various venues such as airports, hotels, and tourist attractions, support AI translation in multiple languages to meet the bursting demand for travel after the pandemic, and compensate for the shortage of service personnel, which prompted signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation with JTI (JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS Corp.), a subsidiary of JTB, Japan's largest tourism group, in the  aim of further collaboration between Taiwanese and Japanese companies and create a win-win situation.

IDB constantly support domestic companies by facilitating diverse cooperation aspects with international enterprises and promoting multiplied benefits between our country and the overseas. Starting from the Taiwan-Japan collaboration, IDB aims to foster the growth of the 5G communication and smart display industry ecosystem, enabling Taiwanese fleets to venture into the international Blue Ocean and break new ground via mutually beneficial international cooperation.
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