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2019-05-20 12:03
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Deputy Director-General of IDB, Cheng-Wei Yu, Was Appointed as Director General of BOE

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The former director general of Bureau of Energy (BOE), Chuan-Neng Lin, was promoted as the vice minister of MOEA on April 1, 2019. Executive Yuan appointed deputy director-general of Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Cheng-Wei Yu as the director general of the BOE.
The new director general, Cheng-Wei Yu (born in 1967) obtained a master's degree in urban planning at National Cheng Kung University. Passed the Level Two Senior Civil Service Examinations, categories of economic planning and development administration in 1991. Then passed the Training for Promotion from Junior Rank to Senior Rank in 2006. Possessed experiences from specialist, section chief, senior executive officer, senior technical specialist, deputy section chief, to deputy section chief in IDB. On February 2017, Yu achieved outstanding results when served as the deputy director-general of IDB, he was in charge of the 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan, "five shortages"(lack of land, power, water, labor and talent), and "increasing building bulk ratio of urban industrial zones project".

BOE is responsible for energy-related policy, regulations, supply and demand forecasting, plan, promote, energy rate proposal and price review, promoting energy conservation programs and research and development of new and renewable energy technology and energy conservation technology. With an urban planning background and experience in IDB, Yu knows industrial planning, industrial safety and environmental protection and industrial park planning well. Yu is friendly, having well coordination ability, clear logic and discussion skills. As a result, MOEA counts on Yu to integrate and use interdepartmental resources, then build a better environment for energy management and renewable energy development, improve the overall energy policy and renewable energy law to promote the energy affairs in various fields.

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