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2019-11-04 13:46
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Energy Saving Leadership Award 2019 43 Energy Saving Companies and Schools Won

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Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) selects companies, institutions and schools that are committed to energy conservation and held final review meeting of 2019"Energy Saving Leadership Award and Energy Education Promotion Award "on  October 9th, 2019. A total of 43 units committed to energy saving were selected. Bureau of Energy (BOE) states all winners from this year were estimated to conserve 40.7 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence and saving 572 million NTDs which came out with brilliant results.

BOE indicates that 22 energy-saving standard units and 21 energy education standard schools were selected this year from 108 manufacturers and 31 national primary and junior high schools after rigorous initial and review selection process. Awards will lead the whole country to invest in energy conservation and work together to create a channel for experience sharing and technology promotion.

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation Lungder PTA Plant won the gold medal this year. More than 30 years of operation, the company still makes good use of daily reports to control energy consumption and performance. Besides, machine repair time was arranged during the summer for the reduction of power consumption. Replacement of inefficient power equipment and shifting manufacturing time to off-peak period also showed significant energy saving results.

United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) 12A P1/P2 Plant also won the gold medal. The company promoted energy conservation in equipment, product processes, systems, and management. It included using intelligent energy management systems for big data analysis, energy consumption data and exploring the potential for energy saving. UMC is a pioneer in promoting intelligent management by effectively managed energy use through intelligent ice water control system and process system optimization.

Nice Garden Industrial won the gold medal among small and medium enterprises. The company used energy management monitoring systems to accurately capture energy consumption and avoided energy waste. In addition, the plant is a green building, which applied Low-E glass to save energy for air conditioning and recycled waste heat through a heat pump system. It is a paradigm of energy saving in the summer throughout small and medium enterprises.

As for schools' energy education, in conjunction with the 108 new curriculum, topics of energy are included in the core literacy. Schools are gradually implementing the teaching module in promoting energy education, and combining energy education with cross-disciplinary teaching and also promote energy education by experience sharing activities from award-winning schools, by which it goes further to encourage schools to continue to promote energy education.

The award-winning schools in each district can be said to have their own features. For example, the Gold Award-winning ZhongYuan Elementary School of New Taipei City has created a "digital energy learning tunnel" through VR virtual reality APP. WengZi Elementary School of Taichung City encouraged teachers to combine courses with the Maker and energy technology issues and integrated them into teaching which cultivating students' independent thinking and creative ability. YangMing Elementary School of the Southern District set up a team of YangMing Magicians to establish an energy knowledge map as a teaching material for science and technology about energy for all students.

The spirit of the Energy Saving Leadership Award is to pass down the paradigm. On-site demonstrations, online cases sharing and E-book with cases are established to share the outstanding candidates' experience to assist industries in the upgrade of energy saving. For more information, please visit "Energypark" at https://www.energypark.org.tw.

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