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2020-01-09 14:00
Department of Industrial Technology
2019 Getfresh Award ceremony
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2019 Getfresh Awards - idea champion with Chuan-Neng Lin, the administrative deputy miniters from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The 2019 Getfresh Award ceremony was hold at Zhengjiang Building in National Taiwan University on December 17th, the trophies, medals, and prizes were granted by Chuan-Neng Lin,the administrative deputy miniters from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This year we have selected 35 teams out of 256 teams from colleges all over Taiwan through cautious and equitable process to showcase their creative innovations. Most of the winning projects used Technology Development Program Results; discover ways to solve daily problems using technology. For instance, automated driving system helps the blind to walk safety; applying IOT technology on the water pipe dredge intellectualized the traditional drainage facilities. Minister Lin mentioned that technology innovation is the back-bone of economic growth, Beyond Future competition can be seen as a warm up game for the students to enjoy innovation; Applying scientific expertise in real life through teenagers' creativities. The contest is held by Ministry of Economic Affairs - Department of Industrial Technology. With co-organisers ITRI, III, NCSIST, MIRDC, DCB, ARTC, SOIC, TTRI, FIRDI, providing 78 techniques, with the topic Beyond Future 2019, for students to provide innovation proposals and create a convenient future.