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2021-01-07 16:28
Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Unlimited Business Opportunities by the Middle East ICT Trade Promotion Program

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Unlimited Business Opportunities by the Middle East ICT Trade Promotion Program_1
To expand business opportunities with new emerging markets and facilitate Taiwan's economic exchanges and cooperation with Middle Eastern countries, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) has subsidized the Institute for Information Industry (III) in promoting the "Middle East Information and Communication Trade Promotion Program" since 2014.

In the Middle East, countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are actively implementing economic diversification policies to address their over-reliance on oil in their economic models. To this end, the GCC countries are developing the digital economy in their continuing demand for ICT, digital technologies and smart systems. This program integrates Taiwan's industry alliances, such as the System Integration Promotion Alliance Office (SIPA), to jointly promote existing turnkey systems and solutions. The program also helps to integrate individual products of manufacturers with technologies, while promoting customized systems and solutions to Middle Eastern clients.

In 2020, COVID-19 adversely affected business investments and consumer spending in Middle Eastern countries. Looking ahead, as Middle Eastern economies recover in 2021, companies will start to buy ICT and digital technology again. We will see business opportunities emerge in such areas as smart healthcare, digital financial services, cloud computing, sports technology, smart IoT applications, cybersecurity, and smart cities.

In 2021, the program will closely cooperate with the offices of Middle Eastern countries in Taiwan, local partners, and the Economic Divisions of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Representative offices in the Middle East. Through online marketing activities and Online/Offline (O2O) activities, we will overcome travel and social restrictions due to the pandemic in our continued efforts to promote ICT trade in the Middle East.

Spokesperson: GJ Lee, Deputy Director General
Telephone: 02-2397-7109, 02-2397-7198
Email: gjlee@trade.gov.tw

Contact Person: Estela Chen, Director, Bilateral Trade Division I
Telephone: 02-2397-7241, 0985-359-349
Email: estela@trade.gov.tw