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One more case of industry-academia collaboration - Developing VR eSports by live-streaming

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The MOU signing ceremony was held in Kaohsiung Software Park on July 28th.
Active Place: Kaohsiung Software Park
The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) facilitates industry-academia collaboration between BROGENTGLOBAL Inc. and Shu-Te University. The contents are cultivating interdisciplinary talents across fun tech, eSports (ES)and live-streaming fields.
At a ceremony held in Kaohsiung Software Park on July 28th
, the MOU was signed by BROGENTGLOBAL Inc. Chairman Ou Yang  Zhi-Hong and President of Shu-Te University Dr. Chen Qing-Yao, witnessed by EPZA Director Dr. Huang Wen-Gu and Taiwan AIC. Director Dr. Chen Zhen-Yuan.
Both sides look forward to that the talents can help marketing the company’s ES product “Lighting Wings”. Furthermore, take it attracting attention and expanding business opportunities.

Update: 2020-07-29