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MOEA holds Forging Connections Workshop to boost bilateral ties with other countries
Kind: ICD What's New  Organization: Department of International Cooperation  Publish Date: 2022-11-02 17:30
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In order to enhance Taiwan's friendship with partner countries, the Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the first-ever Forging Connections Workshop from Oct. 17 to 28.

Economic and trade officials as well as managerial personnel of public associations from Guatemala, Honduras, Lithuania, Paraguay and Poland took part in the training program to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan's current economic, trade and industry development situation and to discuss international political and economic trends. Notable participants included the head of the Lithuanian Trade Representative Office in Taipei and well as the general director for industrial policy and director general of foreign trade of Paraguay's Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The workshop also included visits to various government agencies, think tanks, and other relevant organizations and sites, such as Startup Terrace Kaohsiung.

Participants had the opportunity to establish contacts with personnel at the agencies and organizations during the program, which is expected to help promote substantive bilateral exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and their respective countries after they return home following the program.
As Taiwan re-opened its borders on Oct. 13, the MOEA quickly made adjustments to the original plan and switched the workshop to an in-person program, which was praised by the participants.

A symposium and closing ceremony for the workshop was held on Oct. 28, with top officials from the program participants' national representative offices in Taiwan attending, including the Paraguayan ambassador to Taiwan and the director of the Polish Office in Taipei.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chern-Chyi "C.C." Chen attended the working lunch at the symposium and listened to the workshop participants talk about their experience in the program and their suggestions for improving it in the future, as well as their ideas on potential bilateral cooperation initiatives between Taiwan and their respective countries.

The participants all gave positive feedback on the program and said they were excited to have the opportunity to visit Taiwan for the workshop. They expressed admiration for Taiwan's clean energy development and high-tech industries and said they hope the program will continue to be held in the future to further foster bilateral and multilateral understanding and interactions.

The MOEA plans to continue holding the workshop annually to build on the positive outcomes that have been achieved in the inaugural program.

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