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bp Energy Outlook 2020 ( Economic Division in Chicago)
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Press release
14 September 2020

New report looks at possible developments in global energy to 2050:‎

As the world moves towards lower carbon, the global energy system fundamentally ‎restructures, becoming more diverse, driven by customer needs, with increased ‎competition between fuels.‎

Energy consumption shifts away from fossil fuels, and renewables grow rapidly as the ‎world continues to electrify. ‎

Decisive policy measures, such as significant increases in carbon prices, are needed to ‎deliver a lasting reduction in emissions from energy use.

The 2020 edition of the bp Energy Outlook explores possible paths for the global energy ‎transition, how global energy markets may evolve over the next thirty years and the key ‎uncertainties that may shape them.

In the main scenarios it considers, global energy demand continues to grow for at least part of ‎the period to 2050.

However, over this time, the structure of energy demand fundamentally ‎shifts, with a declining role for fossil fuels offset by an increasing share for renewable energy ‎and a growing role for electricity.

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2020 Energy Outlook

Update: 2020-04-08
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