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Here's how registration for a Covid-19 vaccine will work in SA (Economic Division in South Africa)
Kind: Rep office reports  Organization: Department of International Cooperation  Publish Date: 2021-02-26 10:02
South Africa is expected to start distributing Covid-19 vaccines next week and has developed an online registration system which will allow citizens to book their jabs.
The Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) will record all aspects of the immunisation rollout which will assist government in monitoring its supplies and targets according to each phase of the programme.
As more than one million healthcare workers look set to receive their jabs as part of the rollout’s first vital phase, government has expanded on the technical aspects of tracking and certifying successful vaccinations.
The EVDS, unveiled this week by the health department’s chief director of information systems, Milani Wolmarans, forms a critical part of managing the vaccination programme.
The online registration platform, which is due to be accessible in the first week of February, will, initially, be used exclusively by frontline healthcare workers.
As admitted by role-players in both the public and private sector, phase one of the vaccination rollout will serve as a trial period, whereby systems can be refined and scaled up to service 67% of the population by the end of 2021, as instructed by government.
This is also true for the EVDS, which will likely be improved and adapted to handle the sheer volume of registrations in phase two and three. In the meantime, Wolmarans has given South Africans a glimpse into how the registration system will work.
All South Africans who receive the vaccine, whether through medical aid, private or public facilities, will be registered on the EVDS according to the specific risk-based phase approach.
“This is an integrated online system that will allow us to capture all the relevant data that is associated with the administration of the vaccine,” explained Wolmarans during a briefing this week. “It’s a data secure platform that complies with national and international security standards.”
The self-registration portal, once officially launched, will be accessible via both desktop-based web browsers and smartphones. The booking system consists of six steps, from registration to certification once the final dose has been administered.

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