Communities of Practices (CoP)



The CoPs are intended to be interactive networks comprised of experts and practitioners from a sector or working area. They are member-driven platforms for ongoing collaboration to allow for deeper learning and sustained participation, continuous access to tools and expert assistance, and to foster champions that will serve as role models for other countries. The network offers an alternative to conventional knowledge sharing networks that usually feature top-down development assistance and policy adoption by providing an inclusive member experience.

The Asia LEDS CoP would be a transnational and the regional community of practitioners (broadly formalised under the LEDS framework) to learn from each other and provide expertise and inputs to interested country governments on LEDS priority areas of the Region. The ALP had identified five priority areas for work: energy, finance, transport, multi-level climate governance (MLCG), and building energy efficiency (BEE).

* Energy CoP

* Finance CoP

* Transport CoP

* Multi-Level Climate Governance (MLCG) CoP

* Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) CoP

Update: 2021-07-20
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