ITITP stories: (4) Czech Republic

In 2019, Mr. Milos Hernych, deputy dean of international affairs and English program planning at the Liberec University of Technology in the Czech Republic, took part in the Industrial Technical Instructor Training Program in Taiwan.


After completing the course, Mr. Hernych returned to his home country and was interviewed by the local media outlets Technický týdeník and deník.cz.


He told them that he was very glad to have the opportunity to study in Taiwan and that he learned much more practical knowledge and skills in the program than he had expected.


For example, in a project related to intelligent vehicles, he learned important aspects of microchip technology, mechanics, engineering, programming and software application.


In addition, he noted that the program included highly informative field trips to related manufacturing companies where he was able to, for instance, experience first-hand the application of robotics and IoT technology in efficient management and smart production processes.


Mr. Hernych said that he has applied his acquired knowledge and experience in his work and teaching in the Czech Republic, and that he looks forward to helping promote greater industrial collaboration and linkages between Taiwan and the Czech Republic.


Update: 2020-06-16
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