ITITP stories: (2) Factory Visit

In order to promote Taiwan's smart machinery industry development and international exchanges, the Department of International Cooperation (ICD), Ministry of Economic Affairs, invites countries around the globe to send personnel to Taiwan to take part in the Industrial Technical Instructor Training Program.


In the program in 2019, part of the participants’ training took place onsite at Yinsh Precision Industrial Co. and Fatek Automation Corp., both of which are members of the government’s “national team” of suppliers brought together earlier this year to boost production of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yinsh Precision specializes in producing precision nuts for machine tools, while logic controller manufacturer Fatek provides smart solutions for engineering hardware and software integration.


In addition, program participants were led on a visit to the 2019 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, which is largest industrial expo in Taiwan with more than 900 domestic and foreign manufacturers taking part. The focus of the trainees’ visit was on core industrial topics such as industrial mechanical arms and key components, industrial IoT, industrial automation software, machine vision inspection, and artificial intelligence, thereby giving them a better understanding of the most advanced technology and applications in Taiwan’s machine tool sector, and helping spur opportunities for international cooperation and industrial linkages.


The onsite training at Taiwan enterprises and participation in the exhibition gave the trainees a better understanding of the Taiwan machine tool industry’s value and advantages, and a greater awareness of future smart manufacturing trends in the world. The program also helped to establish future opportunities for linkages with Taiwan industry and for international cooperation exchanges.


Update: 2020-06-16
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