ITITP stories: (3): Thailand

In 2019, Thailand’s Ministry of Industry recommended Mr. Niwat Phansilpakom, assistant vice president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Technology of Thailand, to take part in the Industrial Technical Instructor Training Program (ITITP) in Taiwan. The program is overseen by the Department of International Cooperation (ICD), Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Mr. Phansilpakom said he has fond memories of studying in the program in Taiwan. He pointed out that the practical knowledge he acquired in the program can be applied to Thai industry, including with respect to the government’s “Thailand 4.0” initiative aimed at fostering the development of industry 4.0 to create a value-based economy that is driven by innovation, technology and creativity.


Mr. Phansilpakom explained that Thailand needs to develop high-tech and R&D technologies, and that Taiwan is a good partner for Thailand in this area. Sectors in which there is significant potential for cooperation between the two sides include electronics, electrical appliances and automotive components, he said, adding that Thailand’s manufacturing sector is facing labor shortages and automation upgrading bottlenecks. Mr. Phansilpakom said the knowledge he acquired in the training program in Taiwan has been applied in the Thai Ministry of Industry’s planning. He also hopes to lead a delegation of Thai industry representatives to Taiwan to visit enterprises in the fields of smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing technology.


Update: 2020-06-16
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