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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Industrial innovation and R&D

Promote the 'Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan'

In order to cooperate with the government's industrial policy, the MOEA strives to innovate the 'Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan' and promote smart machinery, IoT (the Asia Silicon Valley Plan), biotechnology and medicine, green energy technology, national defense and circular economy, etc.. By strengthening the key technology independent and multi-application capabilities of the industry, and cultivating new kinetic energy for our economic development, we support small and medium-sized enterprises, make good use of digital, recycling and experience the economy, and activate local development.

1.Smart Machinery Promotion Program
In line with small and diverse production trends around the world and the smart manufacturing development trend of big data real-time analysis, the government has promoted the "Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Program" since July 105. Using the industry 4.0 technology such as cloud, big data, Internet of Things, and smart robots, it is hoped to upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery, create jobs and expand the entire plant output with the three strategies of "Connecting to the Place", "Linking the Future" and "Linking the World".  In the end, we build Taiwan into a global smart machinery of high-end equipment, the R&D and manufacturing center of key components so as to promote the intelligentization of all industries, further to upgrade and transform the overall industries of the country.

2.Circular Economy Promotion Plan
Using "New Materials Industry" as the key industry, the industrialization of the circular economy and the circularization of industries are the two pillars of the Circular Economy Promotion Plan. This is anchored on four initiatives: Circular Technologies and Advanced Material R&D District; Demonstration Circular Industrial Park; Green Consumption and Transaction; Energy and Resource Integration and Industrial Symbiosis, hoping to promote the symbiosis and transformation of industries, and continue the enhancement of international competitiveness with a cross-disciplinary and holistic approach.
Smart Machinery Promotion Program
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Circular Economy Promotion Plan
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Smart Machinery Promotion Program
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Circular Economy Promotion Plan
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