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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Industrial innovation and R&D

Amendment to the Statute for Industrial Innovation

For the purpose of continuing to optimize Taiwan's industrial investment environment and encouraging domestic industries to upgrade to smart technology, Article 10-1 governing tax credit for investment in smart machines or 5G mobile networks was added to the Statute for Industrial Innovation as promulgated on July 3, 2019, and some provisions in the Statute were amended and promulgated on July 24, 2019. These amendments provide for 10 year's extension of the time limit for application for tax credit, substantial investment of undistributed earnings, more encouragement for circulation and utilization of R&D results, multiple flexible tools for retaining domestic talents and recruiting foreign talents, deregulation of fundraising methods used by venture capital enterprises in form of limited partnerships, and application of pass-through taxation to those limited partnerships to help stabilize taxation and investment environments, encourage industries to make investments with confidence, and accelerate innovation planning.
Statute for Industrial Innovation
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Industrial Development Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs of Ms. Lin