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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Industrial innovation and R&D

Promote Innovation and Development in Commercial Service Industry

Commercial service industry acts as an important role in Taiwan economic development and modernization. Department of Commerce cooperates with important policies such as Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan and New Southbound Policy, etc., and continues to facilitate innovation and development of commercial service industry in Taiwan. These initiating policies and measures are shown as follows.

1.Promote the Development of Cross-Border E-commerce
We assist E-commerce companies in developing new business models and expanding their business in key overseas markets through enhancing their capabilities for conducting cross-border operations, expanding business in international markets and developing innovative business models.

2.Promote the Development of Smart Business
We assist small and medium-sized retail businesses in increasing their profits through providing them with guidance based on their needs, such as the application of smart technologies and the development of innovative business models for promoting smart business services.

3.Promote the Development of Logistics
Besides promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics services, we assist cold chain logistics providers in improving efficiency and quality as well as expanding their business in international markets. We also expand the scope of application for smart logistics services such as self-driving cars and intelligent parcel lockers. The information security in logistics industry is also improved.

4.Promote the Development of Food Service Industry
By focusing on international markets, smart technology, and diversified marketing, we guide the food service industry towards intelligence and internationalization.  

5.Promote Innovative Research and Development of Commercial Service Industry
We provide partial grants to enterprises to encourage innovations in service products, business models or business application technology in the commercial service industry.
Department of Commerce, MOEA
Wen-Zu, Huang