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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Energy Transition Promotion Scheme

Promote Green Energy, Increase Nature Gas, Reduce Coal-fired, Achieve Nuclear-free

Taiwan's energy transition principle is based on "promote green energy, increase natural gas, reduce coal-fired, achieve nuclear-free" to ensure a stable power supply and to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

1.Promote Green Energy
To promote the development of renewable energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has set a target of 20% renewable energy generation by 2025. The goal for PV installation has been set at 20GW by 2025, while offshore wind power is expected to exceed 5.7GW.
Renewable energy information website https://www.re.org.tw/default.aspx

2.Increase Natural Gas
In order to achieve the goal of energy transition, the natural gas's share will increase to 50%; moreover, the gas demand from converting coal-fired boilers to natural gas-fired ones has also surged. Therefore, domestic natural gas consumption is expected to grow substantially.
For the purpose of a stable supply of natural gas, The administration has implemented the following strategies:
(1)CPC is carrying out the expansion projects of the Taichung LNG terminal and Yung-An LNG terminal, as well as proceeding the third LNG terminal project. Meanwhile, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is also working on the projects of Hsieh-Ho LNG terminal and Taichung port LNG terminal to meet the increasing domestic demand of natural gas.
(2)The government has enacted Natural Gas Security Stockpile regulations since 2018 and will gradually increase the required storage capacity and security stockpile of natural gas. Currently, the minimum days of storage capacity and security stockpile are respectively 15 days and 7 days of daily gas supply; by 2027, the minimum storage capacity and security stockpile will be 24 days and 14 days.
(3)In order to enhance sourcing stabilization and risk diversification, LNG was imported from 16 countries in 2019. In addition, CPC received the first LNG cargo from Cameron LNG of U.S.A. in September 2019.

3.Reduce Coal-fired
No new coal-fired electricity generation will be built before 2025. And the exciting plants will be replaced by gas-fired units after the decommissioning.

4.Achieve nuclear-free
The government has reviewed the issue of the nuclear energy. The fact is that due to the technical problems and without support from the local government, it's not possible to extend the service span of the three existing plants or restart the 4th nuclear power plant.
Energy Administration,MOEA
Yi-Chun Chen