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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Enhancement of water resources management and flood preparedness

Multiple water sources development and effective water saving, reservoir watershed conservation and governance, enhancement of resilient governance of watershed management and preparedness of flood prevention, and develop sustainable water environment

To ensure the stability of water supply, WRA sets up the 4 strategies of "New Water Resources Development ,Water Saving, Cross-regional support and Back-up Water" to enhance the watershed conservation and resilient governance, and promotes the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development projects-Water Environment Construction".

1.Work Scope
To respond the serious situation of high risk and rapid fluctuation of droughts and floods due to the extreme climate, WRA will promote actively the works of "water resources planning and conservation" , "water resources development and maintenance" , "water environment development of river, coast and drainage system" and "water resources technology development" with the overview vision and new concept to continuously solve the problems of flood and drought disasters in Taiwan.

2.Promotion methods
(1)Water resources planning and conservation
Executing the three projects: promotion of smart water management system and water saving technology; enhancement of reservoir watershed conservation and governance; No.3 item of the third stage of conservation project in the Taipei Water Management Area.
(2)Water resources development and maintenance
Executing the eleven projects as follows: Amuping desilting tunnel engineering project in Shihmen Reservoir, Niaozuitan Artificial Lake of Wu Creek engineering project, Second raw water pipe engineering project in Hushan Reservoir, Zengwun Reservoir and Nanhua Reservoir connection pipe engineering project, Beihe Reservoir rehabilitation plan (first stage), disaster prevention and backup well construction project, hyporheic water development engineering project, the third stage of water supply improvement project in the area without tap water, Feitsui raw water pipe engineering project, Taoyuan-Hsinchu water transfer plan, and water supply improvement of Shanshang Purification Plant project in Tainan.
(3)Water environment development of river, coast and drainage system
Executing the seven projects as follows: national water environment improvement project, water environment development project in major rivers, water environment development project in shorelines, overall improvement project in local governmental rivers and regional drainages, regional drainage governance and environment development project, the second stage of groundwater conservation, management and subsidence prevention project and smart water disaster prevention project.
(4)Water resources technology development
Executing the three projects: innovative smart water industry development project, study of resilient disaster prevention and risk assessment of water environment under climate change, and management technology development of water supply and water application project.
Water Resources Agency,MOEA