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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Improving the investment environment

Refine global investment invitation

Continue to improve the global investment invitation practices, attract international key technology owners to invest in Taiwan and promote economic growth:

1.Attracting key technology foreign investors to invest in Taiwan: Focusing on government efforts such as promoting the "5+2 Industrial Innovation Program," the "Forward Looking Infrastructure Development Plan," and key national industries, we take stock of business opportunities and industrial chain gaps, and actively attracting investment.

2.Working together with our offices abroad: Working together with our overseas offices in key countries (24 offices in 17 countries), the directors of the overseas offices will coordinate with political, economic, and scientific divisions, as well as TAITRA, and will concentrate on stimulating investment.

3.Managing investment promotion activities: Through the Taiwan Business Alliance Conference and overseas investment promotion delegations, we promote our investment environment advantages and new business opportunities to attract foreign investment to Taiwan.

4.Strengthen the functions of the InvesTaiwan Service Center: To further develop the InvesTaiwan platform, providing a single window investment services portal, we combine the resources of the InvesTaiwan Service Center, the Investment Commission and the Department of Investment Services. We proactively visit key investment sources, provide full services for investors, and quickly resolve and remove investment problems and obstacles through inter-ministerial and three-level coordination mechanisms.
MOEA, Department of Investment Services (DOIS)
Section Chief Chen