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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Energy Transition Promotion Scheme

Key policies for net zero carbon emissions

1. In response to the international trend of net zero, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has proposed a 2x2 net-zero transition structure of 'Low carbon-Zero carbon' and 'Energy-Industry'. Focusing on the two major sectors of Energy and Industry as strategic priorities, firstly achieving low carbon, and then moving towards Zero carbon, providing renewable energy to industries in need, introducing green production technology, creating green jobs and green growth.
2. Promotion of 11 measures in 3 major aspects of the manufacturing sector, state-owned enterprises and led by paradigm companies .Combining technical units, and cross-domain integration, with three major aspects of Process Improvement, Energy Conversion, and Circular Economy, to encourage enterprises to expand investment, accelerate advanced process for net-zero technology breakthroughs, and demonstrate applications to drive the low-carbon transformation of the industry.
3. We have launched an industrial net-zero working group with the Chinese National Federation of Industries(CNFI), Industry Associations, and related industries including steel, petrochemical, electronics, cement, textile, and pulp & paper industry to lay out a durable net-zero transformation path for Taiwan industry. The '2030 Net Zero Path Planning Industry Symposium for Manufacturing Sectors' with many chairmen and Presidents of leading industries and association was held on July 8 2022. 25 companies have responded to the net-zero transition, and their total emissions accounted for more than 51% of Taiwan manufacturing sector.
4. To consolidate the determination of reducing carbon and promote the net-zero transformation from large to SMEs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs also cooperated with the CNFI to establish the 'Industrial Carbon Neutrality Alliance' on July 8 in 2022, calling on 30 industry associations and member manufacturers to join as a priority move.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and relevant government units will assist in evaluating energy management systems and establish ISO50001, introduce high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and counseling, SMEs carbon inventory counseling and corporate carbon reduction counseling, product environment Footprint analysis, technical assistance for greenhouse gas exchange projects, etc., to accompany the industries go through net-zero transformation smoothly.
Key policies for Net Zero Emissions(3 Aspects & 11 Measures)
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