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2024-05-14 17:00
Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Taiwan-Canada Hydrogen Delegation: Accelerating Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

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Taiwan-Canada Hydrogen Delegation: Accelerating Collaboration for a Sustainable Future1
To accelerate the development of hydrogen energy in Taiwan, the Energy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs invited key members of the Hydrogen Taskforce to organize the "Taiwan-Canada Hydrogen Delegation," led by Director-General Yu Chen-Wei, to visit Canada. The delegation visited Canadian federal and provincial energy authorities, as well as major players in the hydrogen energy sector.

On April 19th, the delegation participated in the "Taiwan-Canada Hydrogen Roundtable Meeting" with Canada's Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), where both sides exchanged insights on hydrogen energy policies, strategies, and current development. Canada showcased its ambition to become a global leader in hydrogen energy, while Taiwan expressed its determination to develop hydrogen energy, with both recognizing hydrogen's key role in achieving the 2050 net-zero emission target.

The roundtable meeting not only laid a solid foundation between Taiwan and Canada in hydrogen energy and energy but also further deepened the partnership, jointly committing to achieving net-zero emissions goals. In the future, both sides will continue to discuss the establishment of a regular energy dialogue platform for exchanging views and seeking collaboration. This meeting consolidated the consensus between the two sides in the field of hydrogen energy, opening a new chapter for bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and Canada in hydrogen energy technology, policies, and development in the future.

The Energy Administration noted that Canada unveiled its hydrogen development strategy in 2020, with the aim of spearheading global hydrogen and ammonia production and application. Given its ample natural resources, Canada is positioned to emerge as a significant global supplier of hydrogen and ammonia, rendering it a pivotal partner for Taiwan's hydrogen energy endeavors. The anticipated establishment of a regular cooperation platform and dialogue mechanism between Taiwan and Canada is expected to facilitate the exploration of collaborative opportunities within the hydrogen energy sector.

During the visit to Canada, the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) and C-FER Technologies, a non-profit subsidiary of Alberta Innovates specializing in oil and gas pipeline management and application technology research, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding technical cooperation and exchanges for pipeline safety assessment. Director-General Yu Chen-Wei of the Energy Administration and Ed Jager, Director of Trade and Investment at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, witness the signing ceremony of the MoU of cooperation.

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