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2024-05-24 17:26
Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

2024 World Metrology Day - Metrology Supporting Sustainable Economic Development

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2024 World Metrology Day - Metrology Supporting Sustainable Economic Development
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "2024 World Metrology Day - Symposium on Metrology Supporting Sustainable Economic Development" at the NTUH International Convention Center on May 17. Key industrial experts were invited to deliver lectures on metrology and sustainability, addressing three areas: "Digital Transformation and AI," "Net Zero Transformation and Semiconductor Industry," and "Future Zero-Carbon Hydrogen Energy." These discussions elaborated the significant role of metrology in sustainable industrial development. The symposium attracted 140 experts from various industries.

Deputy Director General June-Chieh Lai of BSMI stated that 17 countries signed the "Metre Convention" in Paris, France, on 20 May 1875, which established the foundation for the modern measurement international system. To honor this special day, May 20 is celebrated globally as "World Metrology Day." The main focus of this year's symposium is "Sustainability," with an emphasis on the importance of metrology in the sustainable development of industry and the economy.

Deputy Director General Lai pointed out that in response to the two significant challenges of sustainable development, digital transformation and net zero transformation, the BSMI proactively advanced metrology technology and related regulations to meet the needs of industrial development. For instance, with the rapid rise of electric vehicles, the BSMI has developed technical specifications for the verification of EV charging stations and require commercial charging stations pass verification before they are put into use. This ensures accurate measurement of electric energy and fair transactions.

Additionally, in support of our country's renewable energy policy promoting wind power generation, advanced AI acoustical measurement technology has been developed to detect damage to wind turbine blades during operation, which significantly improves inspection and maintenance efficiency. Looking ahead, the BSMI also plans to develop measurement technology and testing methods for hydrogen gas flow, quality, and safety in line with the national hydrogen energy development policy. This will actively support the growth of the hydrogen energy industry supply chain.

Dr. Hakiem Hsu, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Inspection and Measurement of the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, was invited to discuss "New Thinking of Measurement in the AI Digital Era," highlighting  the impact of AI and digital trends of measurement on sustainable industrial development. Dr. Du-Tsuen Uang, Group Chief Administration Officer of the ASE Holding, shared insights on "Enterprise Net Zero - Measurement Drives Digital Transformation and Sustainable Enhancement of Semiconductor Supply Chain" emphasizing the crucial role of metrology in net zero transformation. Ms. Christine H. Miao, Head of Hydrogen Mobility & Corporate Communications at Linde LienHwa Industrial Gases Co., delivered a keynote speech on  "The Hydrogen Revolution: Powering a Renewable Future,"  underscoring the significance of hydrogen energy for future energy sustainability.

The international community is doubling the efforts with increased vigor to achieve sustainable development. This symposium  highlighted the crucial role of metrology in driving sustainable economic progress. BSMI will continue collaborating with leading global metrology institutions to make metrology a key contributor to the world's sustainable development goals.

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