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Minister Wang meets with Czech Legislative Speaker to discuss enhancing bilateral economic and trade cooperation
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Minister Wang meets with Czech Legislative Speaker to discuss enhancing bilateral economic and trade cooperation

Minister of Economic Affairs Mei-Hua Wang received visiting Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Pekarova Adamova on March 27 to discuss strengthening bilateral economic, trade and industrial cooperation between Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

Speaker Adamova is leading a 100-member delegation, including representatives of various Czech enterprises, on a five-day visit to Taiwan from March 25 to 29.

Minister Wang said the delegation visit demonstrates the determination of the Czech Republic to enhance industrial cooperation with Taiwan. She noted that the Czech Republic has a strong industrial base and research and development capacity, while Taiwan is good at commercializing R&D results, so bilateral cooperation is mutually beneficial. In addition, the Central and Eastern European Investment and Credit Funds are useful tools for promoting such collaboration. The MOEA will also actively assist in promoting the establishment of a closer partnership between the two sides. Minister Wang also said she is pleased that China Airlines made its maiden flight to Prague in July, noting that direct air links will help to further boost bilateral economic and trade ties.

For her part, Speaker Adamova stated that Taiwan is a democratic partner of the Czech Republic with shared values. She said the newly opened Czech Hub in Taiwan, will play an important role in promoting greater cooperation between the two sides across a broad range of areas. The Czech government will also continue working to improve the investment environment and is currently considering revisions to the Investment Incentives Act that would encourage investment in high-value-added strategic sectors, such as information, semiconductors, electric vehicles and smart city development, which are all current cooperation projects between Taiwan and the Czech Republic, she said, expressing the hope that Taiwanese enterprises will continue expanding their investment in her country. She also welcomed Minister Wang to take advantage of the establishment of direct air links to lead a delegation on a visit to the Czech Republic.

Both Minister Wang and Speaker Adamova acknowledged that the Czech Investment Business Opportunity Seminar and Taiwan-Czech Economic and Trade Cooperation B2B Fair organized by the Czech business delegation are of great importance in promoting the establishment of substantive cooperative relations between the two sides. In addition, they said that Taiwan-Czech medical device industry cooperation to jointly assist Ukraine with its medical care needs is of great importance and will be jointly promoted.

In recent years, the MOEA and the Czech Ministry of Trade and Industry have actively promoted bilateral cooperation in various fields through the platform of the annual vice-ministerial Economic Consultations. The first meeting was held in 2016, and the sixth session is scheduled to be convened in Taiwan this September, covering a range of topics such as trade, investment, R&D collaboration, and industrial cooperation in the semiconductor, smart machinery, green energy, EV, smart city, cybersecurity, and other sectors.

The two sides have complementary industrial structures and geographical locations, and the Czech Republic is a major focus of Taiwanese business investment in Europe, with investment topping US$1.2 billion in roughly 40 cases in total.
Minister Wang meets with Czech Legislative Speaker to discuss enhancing bilateral economic and trade cooperation

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