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2023-09-22 15:54
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

With the support of the Forward-Looking budget, the budget of NTD3.4 billion for reconstruction will introduce about NTD 30 billion investment.

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With the support of the Forward-Looking budget, the budget of NTD3.4 billion for reconstruction will introduce about NTD 30 billion investment.
The Export Processing Zone has a long history, but the land and factory buildings are indeed limited and old. The Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that the Export Processing Zone Administration launched the park's three-dimensional project through the forward-looking budget. The forward-looking supports the NTD 3.444 billion budget, and it is expected that the "Technology Industrial pars" could create about NTD 30 billion investment after the three-dimensional renewal. The land is only for rent, not for sale, increasing space for manufacturers to build factories, and becoming a key driver of the transformation of the Kaohsiung and Pingtung industries. The development and reconstruction of three parks, including Cianjhen, Nanzih and the subsequent Pingtung Technology Industrial Parks, could bring 8,400 job vacancies and increase 26.86 hectares of parkland.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that among the three major parks, the Cianjhen Technology Industrial Park has been completed. With a forward-looking special budget of about NTD 2.4 billion, the original Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone has been transformed into a three-dimensional new factory. The new factory added a total floor area of about 80,000 square meters of industrial area. The new factory launched only 4 months, and is already 100 percentage leased. It is estimated that the new factory will increase the amount to NTD12.4 billion investment and 3000 job vacancies. As for the turnover base released by the renewal program, Wistron Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc. held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new B3 factory in May 2023. The initial investment of the new factory was over NTD10 billion and it will be built with 9 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The new factory is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of LCD panel modules for automotive, industrial control, and medical use, and is expected to create approximately 4,500 job vacancies.
MOEA explained that in response to the subsequent clustering effect of the semiconductor industry and the "S Corridor", on the existing field renewal program, The Nanzih Technology Industrial Park won the support of a forward-looking special budget of more than NTD600 million to build a new innovative building. The Win Way Technology Co., Ltd. will also invest in the first of the updated base, and the new building could still attract an additional investment of NDT2.5 billion.
In terms of efforts to expand and develop the area, MOEA pointed out that the Pingtung Technology Industrial Park was established in response to the needs of Taiwanese companies return and balanced regional development. The Pingtung Technology Industrial Park supported part of the funding through forward-looking funds of about NTD400 million and used Taiwan Sugar Corporation's land as a base for area expansion, the park covers an area of 26.86 hectares, and the land is "for rent only, not for sale." At present, the park's public construction works have started in May 2023, and manufacturers can build factories simultaneously, which is estimated to promote investment of NTD5 billion. The park is also the first step in the development of The Pingtung High-Speed Rail Special Zone, hoping it could attract more industries and talents back to Pingtung, accelerate the prosperity and development of Pingtung, reduce the pressure on the urban population, and promote balanced regional development.

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