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2024-04-25 10:50
Department of Industrial Technology

ITRI and Mizuho Bank Collaborate to Expand Taiwan-Japan Startup Market

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The collaboration agreement between ITRI and Mizuho Bank was signed.
On the March 22nd, ITRI and Japan's Mizuho Bank signed a collaboration agreement to further strengthen exchanges and collaboration in three major areas: "Taiwan-Japan Industry Information Exchange," "Taiwan-Japan Startup Matchmaking," and "Linking Taiwan Corporate Technological Capacity." Mizuho Bank, as one of Japan's three largest banks and a global comprehensive financial group, has 70% of Japanese listed companies as its clients and is the first foreign bank registered in Taiwan. This collaboration focuses on providing Mizuho Bank with customized industry information and analysis from ITRI to help Japanese companies grasp the latest trends in Taiwan's industries. At the same time, it links ITRI's support for startups and integrates corporate R&D capabilities to jointly explore new blue ocean markets for Taiwan-Japan startups.

The signing of this cooperation agreement between ITRI and Mizuho Bank establishes a cross-corporate startup Taiwan-Japan cooperation platform, providing essential resources for Taiwanese startup, such as providing Japanese industry information and technological needs, linking Mizuho's vast client base, promoting market matchmaking, and combining Mizuho's accelerator to assist domestic startups in entering international markets.

Facing the opportunities and challenges of international changes, ITRI continues to focus on new market values and demands, outlines the "2035 Technology Strategy and Blueprint" to promote application areas, actively links startup resources, promotes innovative development, and is committed to bringing more innovation and progress to society.