1. To develop statistical series to indicate economic changes resulting from the impact of changes in industry, commerce and services, and the future development of economic activities.
2. To provide government authorities with information in enforcing measures, planning economic programs, and setting economic policies.
3. To collect the business community with information on operation, invention, production and marketing in a regular manner, to consult the government make the industrial guidance.
4. To establish an economic management information system by centralizing data produced by all subordinate agencies of the MOEA in order to upgrade administrative efficiency.
5. To manage the personnel file system include appointment, dismiss, transfer, reward and punishment of all subordinate agencies of the MOEA, and inspect and recheck the work of statistics.
6. To assist the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) to collect data for the compilation of national income statistics, input-output tables, and manpower planning.
7. To provide the information of economic statistics, survey and data tapes periodic, in order to improve the convenience for users establishing the network system of searching economic statistics information.
8. To facilitate the management and coordination of Statistical Evaluation Commission work plans.
9. To participate in International Organizations of economy and trade, charging with coordination and connection of statistic data.
10.Others related with economic statistics.

Update: 2016-11-07
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